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  • We offer lash extensions. This is a beautiful service for every day or for special occasions. You can go super natural to very dramatic. The choice is yours. 
  • If you love a beautiful natural look but also want to glam your lashes to the Max, then that is what you’ll get! Your lashes will also determine how many lashes we can place and we do not want to stress or damage your natural lashes of course.
  • We have many lash choices for every look you may want. Everything from everyday, natural and long lashes to more dramatic looks. You also have a choice of  colors as an added accent to really make your eye color pop. The possibilities are endless.
  • You will love your new Volume extensions. They make life so much easier!


If you think it, we can do it!


Eyelash extensions are so amazing. They look incredible and we have so many options from which to choose.

You can get Natural or Volume extensions

Then you can add COLOR options for a bit more.

Here are a few which include glitter and crystal lashes as well. Maybe not practical for every day but great for a special occasion. Plus, you only need a couple per eye of the crystal lashes.

These are awesome. The colors are very beautiful and subtle. 

Colors will be easiest to see in the sunlight. Gorgeous!

 Now here is the exact opposite of subtle! Although the dark blue and green will not be quite as much in your face as the reds for example. A few of these strewn into your lash line will be quite dramatic and lovely. But then I’m the girl that loves color. If you find them to be too much, a little mascara will hide them till they can be replaced with regular black. Certainly fun for a special occasion.


Similar to the colors above but a sort of Spring pallet. I can imagine these on a girl with skin the color of alabaster. Boy that would be stunning! Amazing actually!



Here is BOLD at it’s best. You not only have color but you now add SPARKLE to that color! Wow! I would add a few of these to the outer edges of my lash line. Dramatic!!

These are fun, a little glamorous and can be elegant if done correctly. I would only add one on each eye on the outer edge or at most three. Center and both edges. They are actually very small and I had to point them out to anyone when they were looking at my lashes. So, as bold as they may appear, they are not that easy to spot.






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