Manicures Revolutionized with the advent of Gel polish

Manicured Nails have been revolutionized by Gel Polish. Gone are the days of chipped nails, dull polish and wrecked manicures from getting into the car.

You no longer have to be careful or get a light polish color because it “won’t show chips.” Wasn’t that ever so sad?

I bet that OPI’s – Bubble Bath, took a sharp decline in sales when Gel came onto the scene as well as every other light color that we had to resort to.

I was just amazed when Gel first came out and wasn’t certain it was the way to go. I have always been concerned about nail damage especially since Acrylic nails were so hard on your natural nail bed. Plus the electric filing of the product certainly did not help. So I was a little skeptical.

I remember my supplier telling me about Gelish when I first heard about Gel. I was completely puzzled because I had been using builder gel for a couple of years so I couldn’t understand the difference between the two. But then I bought my first color and the rest is history. I have been a Gel convert since that first Gel  manicure.

Here at Beautiful Skin and Nails we have almost 300 colors from which to choose! It’s a little like a candy store, so many choices and so few nails.

We do many nail art designs all using gel and our clients just love it. It’s been an amazing 3 years with new colors coming out constantly. And recently all the Mood Gels came out! So incredibly fun!!

Gelish and IBD pots seem to be the favorites. Especially for anyone with naturally thin nails, IBD pot colors are amazing and stay on much better than other Gel. It’s also a harder product so there are no cracks at the end of 3 weeks when clients come in for their fills. See our reviews on yelp!

The Gel revolution continues and I sometimes wonder – What’s next?

Beautiful Skin can be achieved by anyone

There are a few simple things that anyone can do to start getting back that youthful, glowing, beautiful skin we used to have or long for.

What is the first thing I should do?

Exfoliate. As we age we need this more and more. We actually need to help our skin to turn over cells so that collagen is lost at a slower rate. It’s exactly the lack of this process that ages our skin.

When we are babies our cells turn over in a matter of a few hours to a day. Then as we go onto our teens, the process is a few days. As we get into our twenties, it takes a few more days and as we reach our mid 40′s and so on, it can take as long as 84 days for a cell to turn over. As a result, collagen production slows way down and we start to see wrinkles in what was once, our beautiful skin.

How can I slow down this process?

Good question! By getting facials and peels regularly. When you get a peel, no matter if it’s light or a bit heavier, the slight bit of damage done by the acids, forces the cells to turn over and forces new skin production. The result? Smoother, more supple, tighter and more youthful skin. This is a very simplistic view of the process but that is basically the gist of it.

Other acids have the ability to halt melanin production for a bit and those are great for that skin with sun damage.

What can I do at home to achieve beautiful skin?

The product line I carry and use on all of my clients is called Skin Script. It has superior ingredients and is affordable to everyone. There is a Glycolic and Retinol pad that is used at night in the toner step that has proven to be very effective in keeping hyperpigmentation in check. And best of all, it’s around $20 dollars. The remainder of the line is equally effective and affordable.

What is the difference between store bought and Professional lines?

All products are regulated and when you buy a store bought or over the counter product, you will not be getting the same level of strength of the ACTIVE ingredients in that product and you never know about the fillers, perfumes and waxes that will be used. PLUS- have you seen how much you can spend on a simple moisturizer at any department store? And for what? Less of the ingredients that matter? That makes no sense. So find yourself a professional line that you love and feel is affordable and go with that for a while. See the results you can get and finally attain that beautiful skin you have always wanted.

Phoenix Eyelash Extensions – What to know.

No matter what I am watching on TV, someone has eyelash extensions. No matter where I go, someone has them. Lash extensions became popular a few years ago when they really took off.

Many things have been written about lash extensions. Some good, some not so good. Here are the facts.

The main things you will want to know are:

Pick a licensed aesthetician. In the state of Arizona, you must be licensed as an aesthetician in order to be able to apply eyelash extensions.

  • Find someone that has had specific lash training. Namely, have they taken classes in this art?
  • Look to see some prior work. Does this technician have a portfolio? Is there a client that she is willing to have you call?
  • If you have ever been allergic to glues, really any, then you will most likely have a reaction to eyelash extension glue. Have the tech do a patch test. If that is inconclusive, have them put on a few lashes and see how that goes. Better safe than sorry. It is a nightmare when you have an allergic reaction.
  • Eyelash extensions do not have to be costly to be beautiful. Here at Beautiful Skin and Nails we charge $99 for a full set. And $45 for fills. It’s no more than getting your nails done really.
  • Eyelash extensions fall out as you loose your own lashes. This is very individual. It’s something you would never even notice UNTIL you get lash extensions. It’s completely normal to loose a couple lashes here and there. Do not be alarmed!
  • It takes about an hour to an hour and a half to apply eyelash extensions.

If you do the above and don’t get in a hurry and do a little homework, you should not have any problems with your extensions.

They look extremely glamorous and there are so many options from which to choose:

Colored lashes- blue, brown, purple, yellow, green, just to name a few.These can be bright or deep. You can get a full set of one color or they can be sprinkled in with your black mink, silk or synthetics.

  • Lashes with a small, single swarovski crystal on it. Just put in one or two on the edges for a super glam look.
  • Lashes with glitter on the to third. In colors ranging from gold to silver to blue and more!

So you see, this art has become very fashionable and fun! Plus it never hurts to crawl out of bed in the morning looking glamorous and fabulous!

Facial Peels! Why do we need them?

A peel simply takes off dead skin. This is not a heavy duty peel like Samantha got on Sex in the City! These peels are gentler and you can have microscopic peeling or dry skin as an after effect. In some cases, if you have a more sensitive skin, there may be a little more visible peeling but no down time.

  • You still have to follow the no sun rule for a couple of days afterwards and really should be cautious about sun damage every single day anyway, peel or not. You risk hyperpigmentation if you get sun damage on top of a peel. Even a mild peel.
  • If you use Retin-A or any retinol products, stop using them 5 days prior to your peel and 5 days after. Better safe than sorry.
  • This deal allows for a chemical peel, microdermabrasion or dermaplaning every month. I know that life can get in the way so I consider that you have 12 treatments available to you and if you miss a month, I’m not going to penalize you for not being able to get in. So, no worry, you get 12 treatments. The argument for doing them once a month though is so that you can see the awesome results you can get with your skin when you regularly take care of it.
  • Acne- I have gotten incredible results with teens and acne cases. Ideally I see you every 2 weeks at first. Don’t worry, I’ll work out something for you so that you can continue to get incredible and affordable skin care even if you run out of peels after 7 or 8 months.
  • Rosacea- This is such a rewarding skin to work on. A little care goes a LONG way to give you better looking and feeling skin after just one treatment. You will be incredibly happy.
  • Anti-aging- almost all of us fall into this category. Your skin will simply GLOW when you leave. Ask me also about my Collagen masks. Take off years for a special event. Lasts 4 to 6 hours. Awesome!

Facial PeelsMy philosophy is that a chemical peel will give you the most bang for your buck. I can take off dead layers, refine large pores, diminish fine lines and wrinkles, start lightning skin damage and give you an immediate glow. Microdermabrasion is awesome for scaring and reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Therefore, if you don’t have an active breakout, we might opt for that. Dermaplaning takes off dead skin and the fine hair covering your face. This is great for giving you a flawless, hairless skin for make-up. We can talk about your best options.

If you ever want something a little more, we can do microdermabrasion and a chemical peel on top of that as well. You can use 2 of your peels in that case or pay a small up-charge of $25. The possibilities are endless.

My goal is always to exceed your expectations. I want you to notice a big difference when you leave my service and I mostly want you happy with your skin. I am result driven and strive to always give you the best.

I hope this has answered at least most of your questions. Please feel free to email me with anything else you may need.  I tend not to answer calls when I am with a client but answer all my emails after hours the same day I get them.

I really strive to make you happy because that’s what this business is all about. That in turn is my reward.

Have a great day!

Beautiful Curled Eyelashes

Have you ever wished for beautiful curled lashes you could get without your lash curler?Beautiful-Eyelashes

Here is a great semi permanent solution to having beautiful curled lashes every day without having to use your eyelash curler. Eyelash perming.

This technology has been around for years but for whatever reason it is not very well known. Perhaps people get a little nervous at this idea.

Let me explain how this goes. First, I take a look and determine your lash thickness and length and then I pick a roller size that will fit your lashes as well as fit the size curl you would like. The rollers come in various types and various sizes. The type I use are little white rods that have a sticky texture. I then get all your lashes to affix to the rod.   Then I put on the first perm lotion. Now this is not that runny consistency of a regular type hair perm. It’s actually a very thick consistency similar to mayonnaise. I place a line of this at the bend of your curl and let you process for 15 minutes.    I then take this off and the second solution gets placed on your lashes. This also smells like the old perms you may remember but it’s not as strong. I then take that off, put some protein on your lashes, take them off the roller and Voila! Curled lashes for 6 to 10 weeks.

Everyone has a unique growth and shedding cycle so the curl time will be determined by that. One of my clients has extremely long lashes and hers look like they have sort of grown out. The lash bend is further out toward the tips of the lashes. It’s been 8 weeks almost for her and she’s due to get them re-permed. Any time you feel the bend is growing out, you can get them re-permed. I have permed lashes twice in a row and nothing bad has ever happened. It’s a safe procedure if done by someone that has training and it’s certainly worth it. I’m not certain how much damage can be done with a lash curler so this seems like a great solution.

I had another client that had woken up to find her lashes in completely odd bends and as she described it, she had “crazy’ lashes. I told her to look after her shower and sure enough, all her lashes went back to the perfect permed curl that she thought she had lost while sleeping.

Find someone you trust and give it a try or give me a call and we can get you scheduled today. It’s super affordable and you will love it.

Here’s to a beautiful day!

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Gel Nail Polish Review

Here is a Gel Nail Polish review you might find interesting.

I buy gel by color not by brand. Not every brand has every color I love so I have a big variety. That’s also how I ended up with around 300 colors.

Let me start with one of my favorites:


This is an awesome gel Polish. It was the first gel I worked with and I have never had any issues with it. It goes on smoothly the consistency is not overly thick ore thin and I have never had any bubbles or other weird drying issues. If it’s a little thick it won’t get finicky with you. If you over do it, there will be some ripples. I just make sure to dry it longer and then the clear top coat smooths anything else that might be funky. There have been maybe a couple of times when I’ve messed up and had to buff it out and start again. But, I can count those one hand. I find that the denser the color, the more this can happen. It almost never happens with light colors.


These are a little thicker than Gelish and are therefore a little harder to work with. The dark reds need to be applied carefully as they will not fully cure if on too thickly. This makes me wish there was a Gel thinner on the market. Maybe that will be next. The color selection is still not as wide as other brands.

CND Shellac

My LEAST favorite brand to work with. Two things about this line, it’s incredibly thin so the cracks are easy to get and very visible. Plus, the color selection is very, very limited. I don’t use this line much. I have a few but feel like when I put them on my clients, I should apologize in advance for the trouble they are going to experience.


I love this gel polish for it’s unique color selection. It gave me some colors that I could not find anywhere else. It is thick so you must be careful about application but I forgive it because it has so many great colors. Plus it’s not crazy expensive.


This is a small brand but it has some other color choices not to be found elsewhere. Daisy has a beautiful yellow, Banana Yellow, that is such a true yellow that it makes me very happy. I have many yellows but this is the most true and bright.


This brand has 2 types of Gel. It has a Gel that is in pots, some of which are called hard gels and some called soak off, and then another line that is in regular brush in bottle type packaging.

Let me tell you, my first experience with this pot Gel was when I bought the 6 pack of “Metallic gel.” These colors are so amazingly bright that I was in love immediately. You must stir these because the metallic bits settle to the bottom and as you stir them, the magic begins. My favorite is called “Stainless Steel” and I have gone through at least 6 pots in the past couple of years. After you put this on, take your client outside and look at it in the sunlight. I swear it jumps off their nails! It’s as though it was 3D. Simply stunning! No other color I have in my 300 or so collection is this incredible. The other 5 were equally amazing. Rose gold was my second favorite.

These are considered hard gels and from what I understand, no base is needed. I haven’t tried that though. Since they are a hard gel they are perfect for clients that have a bit of a longer nail or a very thin nail because they will never crack. It’s also a bit tougher to soak off but I don’t care. IBD gel in pots are a superior product!

The softer brush in bottle line also has some amazing colors so I own a lot of those as well. A very nice consistency too so application is a breeze.


I LOVE LOVE these! The colors match the polishes and they go on beautifully. Not too thick, not too thin. Just perfect! The only complaint I have is that up until the brights that recently came out, they didn’t have enough colors but I think that is changing as we speak.

Now for the one gel brand that I must give a bad review.


By Jessica. This is a brand that has some great colors but there were 2 things wrong with this line. Actually more. The brand is so temperamental that no matter how thin I made the coats, the ALWAYS bubbled! And even when it didn’t bubble, it never cured! Maddening. And then there was a pink I used a few times till I realized it always faded. What a strange problem. Color fading?

Well, to be fair, I have since discovered that this is a problem with pink in general for some brands. I don’t know what ingredient makes it do that but some pinks, in some lines, are not stable so they will fade and discolor. They look really ugly then.

The last thing about Gelerations is that I called customer service to talk to someone about these issues and I was basically told they had never heard of such things and that someone would get back to me. Yeah, not so much. So now I will never use Gelerations gel again. It’s too bad, they have some great colors.

One other Gel- The hybrids that are now out- these are gels that are less permanent and can be taken of with acetone. I don’t like most of these because they just don’t last and crack. Some also go on really strange. That will be a review for another day.

These are a lot of the brands out there. There may be others I  have missed but these are the mainstream.

One last thing to know. I use Gelish base and top for EVERY brand of Gel. You do not have to get anything special. Find a base and top coat you like and you will be able to use it on all gel brands.

Come in and get your gel manicure. Come early- it might take you a while to choose a color!

Light Chemical Peels – What they can do for your skin.

Light Chemical peels are incredible for your skin.

I started giving my clients a light peel every month and was noticing incredible results after just a few treatments!

Many of my clients are in their 30′s and 40′s and looking for ways to get back some of the youth they feel is slipping away.

A facial or chemical peel, if you can do it monthly, is miraculous. Clients come in with layer upon layer of dead skin and it’s really easy to spot. Most obvious is the forehead area. I hate to say it, but they look more wrinkled! It’s alarming!

Well, after I get them comfortable I take a look under a mag lamp. It’s very enlightening. Pores are large and filled with dirt and debris, months and sometimes years of neglect is visible in sun damage, milia, acne and rosacea just to name a few.

They usually know something is up and ask if it’s horrible.

It can be but I never say that because I know that a huge percentage of the damage is reversible. Our skin, like our body is extremely resilient and with some care, bounces back from even the worst neglect.

At this point I lightly let them know what I observe, taking care to always tell them that there is hope and that a lot of the damage can be reversed. I like to be positive. But, I don’t mix words either. I let my clients know what the damage is and then how to take care of it.

Facials, Light Chemical peels and home care are the key

They are so affordable, especially here at Beautiful Skin and Nails. And I like to point out that it is a heck of a lot more affordable than seeing a surgeon.

Here in Arizona, I see more dry skin than I ever thought I would. But of course, that makes sense. So I get everyone on a light chemical peel regiment with facials in between and then a great skin care line.

After your first visit, I send you home with sample sizes of the following, A cleanser, usually Glycolic- it helps with exfoliation, then a serum. Usually an anti-aging with hyaluronic acid in it. Hyaluronic acid has the unique quality of taking moisture from the environment and driving it into the skin, a toner and then a moisturizer. You then decide if you like them and as you run out of what you currently have, then you can get a new professional line. I love Skin Script. See the line here.  It is completely affordable and EFFECTIVE.

Skin Care Products- The Importance of

Skin care products are incredibly important.

The reason being is that you see me, your aesthetician, only once a month yet you take care of your skin hopefully, daily.

I use and sell a product line called Skin Script. It is a local company here in Arizona near Phoenix. I started using this line a few years ago. I love these skin care products for a few reasons:

  • It is incredibly effective! Skin Script has a Glycolic cleanser that is to die for! It gets your skin really clean and helps with exfoliation. Plus it lasts and lasts.
  • These skin care products are AFFORDABLE for everyone! I have always said that I want a skin care line that everyone can buy everyday and not just for a special occasion and then never be able to get it again. This is that product line.

Skin care productsLet me tell you a little bit about some of my favorite skin care products in this line.

As I said above, the Glycolic facial cleanser is everyone’s favorite. It helps with exfoliation, minimizes pore size over time and leaves your skin fresh and alive.

Cucumber toner is next. This is also an amazing little product because it won’t dry your skin like any other toner I have ever used. It also has hydrating properties. Oh and a little side note here, the reason you use a toner is this simple reason. Your cleanser has taken your ph out of the desired range, while it was doing its job and toner, when applied, brings that ph back to normal. THEN, your serums and moisturizers don’t have to battle that obstacle. Easy.

Then the Hydrating Serum. Serums help with specific conditions. Like dryness, age spots, large pores, hyperpigmentation and many more. Serums are concentrated so they penetrate deep into the skin in order to perform their little miracles. They are meant to go under moisturizers. I never go without this serum. Plus, you can put it all the way up to below your eye so it also acts like eye cream. It’s awesome!

Then one of the moisturizers. I sell more of the Hydrating moisturizer than anything else because it is perfect for overly dry skin which I see a lot of here in Arizona. You would use something lighter if you lived in a more humid climate.

And then Sunscreen of your choice. PCA has a few choices, all of which I think are great.

The only other bit of advice I would give you is… DO NOT OVER CLEANSE. I can’t stress this enough. We are stripping away our natural skin barrier by this practice. What on earth are we doing that we need to cleanse 6 times a day? Give your skin a little break. Cleanse once a day and then in the morning use just a bit of water and take it from the toner step and watch how much calmer your skin will be in a matter of a few days.

AromaTouch Technique Massage

Health Benefits of  Massage Q and A.

AromaTouch Technique MassageQ: How does receiving a massage affect most people?
A: It’s like finishing a run: You have the same feeling of total relaxation. We know that even a 10-minute chair massage can lower your blood pressure and slow down your heart rate. And your mental performance is enhanced. When we gave people math problems to solve after a massage, they did them twice as fast with half the errors.

Q: How about reducing stress via massage? Does that have an effect on pain?
A: Yes. In a review of research on the topic, we determined that massage therapy lowers cortisol, a hormone that’s produced in response to stress, by an average of 31 percent. And when cortisol levels decline, serotonin, one of the body’s antipain mechanisms, increases. In our review, serotonin grew by an average of 28 percent after massage therapy. So by lowering cortisol, you boost your ability to fend off pain.

Q: Ideally, how often should people get massages?
A: Everyone who can should get a daily 10-minute massage. That doesn’t mean you have to rely on a partner to give you one. In fact, any activity that stimulates pressure receptors—such as walking, which presses the soles of the feet; doing yoga; scrubbing yourself with a brush or loofah in the shower; rubbing a tennis ball along your limbs—should have an effect similar to that of moderate pressure massage.

Our massage therapist does many types of massage. From Deep tissue and sports massage to soothing Swedish massages and something I recently became aware of called The AromaTouch Technique. It is soothing and relaxing yet I felt invigorated and actually younger when we were done. Here is what this lovely massage is all about.

The uses of essential oils are vast and represent a well-documented model for improving overall health, for both the novice user and the educated expert.

Widespread acceptance of essential oils, both within and without the scientific community, has led many to choose this more natural approach to healing and prevention. dōTERRA® CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® essential oils have been recognized as the most therapeutic oils in the world and play a leading role in positive health choices.

Come in and get your massage. Kristen will take good care of you. 602-403-5500

Facial Rejuvenation

Facial Rejuvenation can be achieved at any age.

Facial rejuvenationI have a client, she’s almost 70, who started coming to me in April of 2012. I have been giving her facials and light chemical peels monthly.

She had a very rough, orange peel like texture to her skin and had quite a lot of milia. Milia are white, small to large, round, hard cysts under the skin.

I was doing a lot of Pumpkin enzyme peels mixed with a little lactic and glycolic acids, because her skin texture was very rough and uneven and I wanted to start to soften the skin in order for the Milia to come out. Pumpkin is full of Vitamin A, a natural Retinol, and has the ability to smooth rough skin texture. When we started, her skin was very far from smooth.

We started her monthly peels and facials and I was happy to see she was very regimented and hardly ever missed an appointment. At about 6 to 8 months in she came in one day and I looked at her and was astonished. I did a double take. Her skin had dramatically improved! It was almost overnight!

I said to her, “Wow” did you notice how awesome your skin is looking and she said to me while chuckling, “I thought it was looking better but I didn’t really know.” Since she lives with herself, she didn’t notice how dramatically different and much smoother her skin had become. The large raised areas had reduced by over 50% and her milia was all but gone.

Her rosacea has been under control and her skin looks fabulous! She’s a very happy client. She also uses great home care. Skin Script- It’s an amazing, professional product line that is super effective and super affordable! Who doesn’t love that?

At this point we both realized that I should have done before and after pictures. It was a missed opportunity, but now I know.

This client still comes to me regularly and she looks better and better every time I see her. I am fairly convinced that facials are the best solution to staying young and staying out from under the knife.

Beautiful Skin is achievable for everyone. No matter your age. Get radiant skin with one facial here at Beautiful Skin and Nails.

We custom tailor every facial and expect you to go home with dramatic results. It’s easy to achieve!


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