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Why would I need a facial peel?

Skin ConditionsWhy? To get your glow back, of course!

Often, my clients ask me “Why would I need to do a facial peel?” And “How will I know when to get one?”

Here is what I tell them. Because it helps to slow the aging process. Facial Peels minimize fine lines and wrinkles, scaring and give your skin a more refined and smooth feel and look. They can lessen sun damage and even out skin tone. Facial Peels can turn back the clock! Truly.

Let me explain the cell renewal factor (CRF) or in simple terms- the rate at which your cells turn over moving from the lower deeper layers to the top layer of skin to be washed away or peeled. As baby’s, our cells turn over at an average of every 14 days, teens is 21 to 28 days, adults 28 to 42 days and for those older than 50 the cell renewal factor slows down to an alarming 42 to 84 days!

What this means is that our collagen and elastin production slows way, way down and we age…

Elastin is a protein in connective tissue that is elastic and allows many tissues in the body to resume their shape after stretching or contracting. Elastin helps skin to return to its original position when it is poked or pinched.

Collagen is any of various tough, fibrous proteins found in bone, cartilage, skin and other connective tissue. Collagens have great strength and provide body structures with the ability to withstand forces that stretch them.

Therefore, our jobs as aestheticians is to do as much as possible to get your cells renewed. We do this by forcing the cells to stop moving at a snails pace and turn over more rapidly. It’s really Science over nature at this point. When we do a facial peel we systematically, with purpose and great care, damage the skin. This removes layers of dead skin that have been making your skin look dull and lifeless! Do you ever wonder where your healthy glow went? It’s hidden under layers of dry dead skin cells. Facial Peels, facials and skin care are necessary so that your skin can rejuvenate. After this, your nourishing products can actually penetrate the skin and make a visible difference. Now you’ll see results! Now you start to turn back the clock!

This field has come a long way and we have more knowledge than ever about anti-aging products, rejuvenation techniques and everything else you are currently reading about.Facial Peels

Try a peel or start with an awesome facial and watch your glow return!

You deserve some pampering in 2014.

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Gel Nail Polish

Here are the confessions of a

Gel Nail Polish addict.

Yes, it’s true.

But I really can’t help myself! Colors are so dreamy sometimes.

As an example, I went in to the local supply store today meaning only to get a base and a top coat for gels. We were running low.

I had NO idea a few short minutes later I would walk out with a ton of awesome Gel Nail Polish! There has been a sort of short supply of awesome colors in the past 6 to 8 months so I wasn’t really expecting anything to have changed.

Well, I was wrong….

It’s a double edged sword really. I want the latest colors just because- but mostly because my clients love new color choices. Plus, I always want to be on trend. But I am also going to one day run out of room to store all these bottles.

My obsession began one lovely day a few years ago when I saw a woman getting her hair done in the salon where I was working. She had on the most dreamy shade of Lilac, on her toes, I had ever seen. At that moment I became hooked. A year or so later, I saw CHANEL had a muddy green that I also fell in love with. Needless to say, I own hundreds of polishes in regular and Gel and every CHANEL collection they have come out with in the past 3 or so years.

So today, I went in and found color after color after color that I just had to have! And seriously, I sort of get this funny sensation in my stomach when a color is really incredible to me. This must be how an addict feels when he knows he’s about to score.

My haul included…..

Two Gels by Nobility Perfect Match. This is a great Gel with lots of sparkly colors and matching Nail Polish. I got Old New Borrowed Blue and Techno Pink Beat. The blue is not a shade I have and reminds me of Tiffany blue a little and the other is just sparkly awesomeness.

This same brand also makes these awesome MOOD Gel colors that are to die for! Really fun to wear. This one is Moonlit Eclipse. Grey to light grey. Beautiful.

Mood gel Nail polishThen I got a few new to me, colors by EzFlow. They had some pretty sparkle Gel so I thought I would try them. I apparently was into super sparkles today. Go figure. I’ll let you know, if you want, how those hold up.






OPI GELI got three new OPI Gels. These are AWESOME with names like My Favorite Ornament and All Sparkly and Gold! They are really unique! Not like anything I have seen in the past few years. Wondrous Star is silver with Black Specks in it. Divine! I can’t wait to see that on! Beautiful Fall and Christmas colors.





And last but not least…

China GlazeI bought a new China Glaze regular nail polish called This Is Tree-mendous. It’s also a dreamy holiday shade of green but sparkly! Yes! It’s true.

Well, maybe I will post the samples when I have them all done. Otherwise- Come In and get a Gel manicure! You will love it!

Till next time….


Beautiful Skin and Nails is a Boutique Day Spa.




When you book your appointments, here is how your spa day might go.


First of all you would see Kristen Willlingham. She is our Massage Therapist extraordinaire. She will give you a 60 or 90 minute massage of your choice. You can get anything from soothing Swedish or Aroma Touch technique to a vigorous Sports Massage for those knots in your back. Whatever you choose, you will be delighted at the end.




LettyThen you would go to our Nail Spa, where Letty Romero or Vanessa our innovative Nail Specialists will buff and polish your hands and feet to a shinny, warm glow. You can get specialty pedicures, like our Lavender pedicure, which includes the works with soothing paraffin, a glass of wine and even a special little surprise gift. You will be able to choose from hundreds of polish and Gel colors and if you like,  our nail techs are very creative with nail art. They have tons of ideas and you will absolutely love whatever you choose.




After this decadent few hours…
You now get the pleasure of a facial from one of our super experienced and incredibly talented aestheticians. We have a custom facial that is nothing short of dramatic. It will leave your skin absolutely radiant and with a glow that you might not be aware your skin still has. Your skin will feel exfoliated, scrubbed and hydrated and so smooth, you won’t believe it. If this is your first visit, you will leave with a goody bag of samples of all of the skin care products that were just used on you. Just a little extra Thank you.



And then…
JenniferHere is where you now get the frosting on the cake so to speak. You get to see one of our expert lash extension specialist like Jennifer Caskey. She will give you that Brigitte Bardot look. You know, she had those amazing lashes that everyone wanted in the 60′s. Well, now you can have them. Wake up with amazing lashes and as though you have on make-up without a single minute of primping. Imagine waking up like this every day!

This will now finish your Spa day….


You leave feeling super relaxed with nails that shine and skin and lashes that are date worthy for weeks to come. And you will be happy as a clam because you will have spent an afternoon with a group of incredibly nice and funny girls that all care very much about giving you, our client, the best possible service that will leave you with a warm and fuzzy memory of a fantastic afternoon well spent……

Skin Conditions – Ewww…. What is THAT??

It seems we’ve all had something on our skin, at one time or another, where we said  “Ewwww, what is THAT??”

Well, as distressing at this might seem at the moment, most of these conditions can be remedied fairly rapidly and with home remedies I might add. Try a home remedy and then if that doesn’t work, step it up.

Here are a few common conditions.

Rosacea- This is an interesting skin problem because it mimics acne in later stages! Therefore, my clients have treated it like they would treat acne which is the exact OPPOSITE of how you should care for Rosacea. Acne is an overproduction of oil. Whether that is from not supplying your skin with needed moisture, hormones or teen acne, the results are similar.

Rosacea on the other hand is a hereditary condition. It has many stages which are exacerbated by treating it like acne. Symptoms range from early stages, flushing brought on by spicy foods, embarrassment, and a number of other factors. If you get red from working out, chances are that is not the same as Rosacea. Later stages include “Orange Peel” like skin and pimples. Read more HERE about symptoms and treatments.

Treat this skin gently! Cleanse with mild cleanser initially and hydrate with serums and then moisturize. You can get gentle peels and get a great skin care regiment. You will be astounded at the results. My Rosacea clients have shown incredible improvement.

Psoriasis- This can look very alarming and freaks people out. But again, it can be treated and will go away. It is cause by an overproduction of skin cells. It forms scaly patches and skin gets cracked. When this condition first starts, try putting dandruff shampoo on the spots overnight. Then wash off and repeat in a couple of days if needed. The skin will be red but will then heal and go to normal in a day or two. I don’t quite know why it works but I have personal experience that it does for myself and others. This in no way should take the place of seeing a Dr. if you choose.

Excema- This skin may be cracked, crusted, flaky, itchy red and scaly. It’s not pretty but again can be easily treated. Cold and dry weather can bring this on and living in Arizona, I have seen this condition a lot.  The dandruff shampoo home remedy has worked on everyone that has used it.

Seborrheic Dermatitis- This includes itchy, flaky and peeling skin. It is very severe dandruff. Again, dandruff shampoo left on overnight has proven to be miraculous for some.

Don’t distress. Get an aesthetician you trust or have been referred to. Great skin care is a first step!

Come see us at Beautiful Skin and Nails.

You can schedule above, on Facebook or give us a call – 602-403-5500

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Eyelash Extensions Phoenix

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