Beautiful Curled Eyelashes

Have you ever wished for beautiful curled lashes you could get without your lash curler?Beautiful-Eyelashes

Here is a great semi permanent solution to having beautiful curled lashes every day without having to use your eyelash curler. Eyelash perming.

This technology has been around for years but for whatever reason it is not very well known. Perhaps people get a little nervous at this idea.

Let me explain how this goes. First, I take a look and determine your lash thickness and length and then I pick a roller size that will fit your lashes as well as fit the size curl you would like. The rollers come in various types and various sizes. The type I use are little white rods that have a sticky texture. I then get all your lashes to affix to the rod.   Then I put on the first perm lotion. Now this is not that runny consistency of a regular type hair perm. It’s actually a very thick consistency similar to mayonnaise. I place a line of this at the bend of your curl and let you process for 15 minutes.    I then take this off and the second solution gets placed on your lashes. This also smells like the old perms you may remember but it’s not as strong. I then take that off, put some protein on your lashes, take them off the roller and Voila! Curled lashes for 6 to 10 weeks.

Everyone has a unique growth and shedding cycle so the curl time will be determined by that. One of my clients has extremely long lashes and hers look like they have sort of grown out. The lash bend is further out toward the tips of the lashes. It’s been 8 weeks almost for her and she’s due to get them re-permed. Any time you feel the bend is growing out, you can get them re-permed. I have permed lashes twice in a row and nothing bad has ever happened. It’s a safe procedure if done by someone that has training and it’s certainly worth it. I’m not certain how much damage can be done with a lash curler so this seems like a great solution.

I had another client that had woken up to find her lashes in completely odd bends and as she described it, she had “crazy’ lashes. I told her to look after her shower and sure enough, all her lashes went back to the perfect permed curl that she thought she had lost while sleeping.

Find someone you trust and give it a try or give me a call and we can get you scheduled today. It’s super affordable and you will love it.

Here’s to a beautiful day!

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