Collagen Masks and Facials will Amaze you!


Collagen is defined here – The main supportive protein of cartilage, connective tissue, tendon, skin, and bone.

Skin care these days is almost like magic. It’s really old world remedies amplified by science. We use the same acids that Cleopatra used when she took milk baths or used fruits to beautify her skin. I’m not sure if she knew that what was really happening was she was exfoliating her dead skin cells.

Why get Collagen Facials or Collagen Facial Masks?

As we age our cellular turnover slows way down. It can take up to 80+ days for a single cell to slough off and be replaced and that is why our skin starts to sag and look sallow and dull. Lifeless you could say. Youth is slowly replaced by wrinkling, thinner and dryer skin.
Well, there is a way to slow this process down. Facials, peels and especially Collagen Facials. There are products on the market right now, and we at beautiful skin and nails have them, that will literally make your jaw drop when you look in the mirror after your facial.

Collagen facials will reduce your fine lines and wrinkles, your forehead will be smoother and the skin around your eyes will be visibly younger looking and smoother. Even around your lips, the skin will be more youthful looking. It really is like magic. I had a client that looked in the mirror and when we looked at each other, our jaws sort of dropped. She was at least 8 years younger looking. A sort of surreal moment when it was really driven home to me the magic I had at my fingertips.

The results are not permanent from your collagen facial but if you want a few days of younger looking skin for a wedding or reunion or other special event, then come in and get your facial. Don’t go under the knife! Try an amazing Collagen facial first!

Here at Beautiful Skin and Nails, we have a Collagen facial that you will love. It includes all collagen products along with 2 collagen facial masks, collagen serums, eye patches and other products that feel divine. We also use stem cell serums! Another magical product, but that’s for another blog post.

And if you ever want to add the Collagen Masks to other facials or just alone, you have that option as well. Super affordable for DRAMATIC results!

Choose the Designer Facial and get visible results in an amazing facial. Call us today at 602-403-5500 or visit us on FB where you can also book your appointment on-line. Add some of these masks to any other facial. Also look on the Specials page for monthly special values

Take an hour for yourself and turn back the clock. Let us pamper you.

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