Gel Nail Polish Review

Here is a Gel Nail Polish review you might find interesting.

I buy gel by color not by brand. Not every brand has every color I love so I have a big variety. That’s also how I ended up with around 300 colors.

Let me start with one of my favorites:


This is an awesome gel Polish. It was the first gel I worked with and I have never had any issues with it. It goes on smoothly the consistency is not overly thick ore thin and I have never had any bubbles or other weird drying issues. If it’s a little thick it won’t get finicky with you. If you over do it, there will be some ripples. I just make sure to dry it longer and then the clear top coat smooths anything else that might be funky. There have been maybe a couple of times when I’ve messed up and had to buff it out and start again. But, I can count those one hand. I find that the denser the color, the more this can happen. It almost never happens with light colors.


These are a little thicker than Gelish and are therefore a little harder to work with. The dark reds need to be applied carefully as they will not fully cure if on too thickly. This makes me wish there was a Gel thinner on the market. Maybe that will be next. The color selection is still not as wide as other brands.

CND Shellac

My LEAST favorite brand to work with. Two things about this line, it’s incredibly thin so the cracks are easy to get and very visible. Plus, the color selection is very, very limited. I don’t use this line much. I have a few but feel like when I put them on my clients, I should apologize in advance for the trouble they are going to experience.


I love this gel polish for it’s unique color selection. It gave me some colors that I could not find anywhere else. It is thick so you must be careful about application but I forgive it because it has so many great colors. Plus it’s not crazy expensive.


This is a small brand but it has some other color choices not to be found elsewhere. Daisy has a beautiful yellow, Banana Yellow, that is such a true yellow that it makes me very happy. I have many yellows but this is the most true and bright.


This brand has 2 types of Gel. It has a Gel that is in pots, some of which are called hard gels and some called soak off, and then another line that is in regular brush in bottle type packaging.

Let me tell you, my first experience with this pot Gel was when I bought the 6 pack of “Metallic gel.” These colors are so amazingly bright that I was in love immediately. You must stir these because the metallic bits settle to the bottom and as you stir them, the magic begins. My favorite is called “Stainless Steel” and I have gone through at least 6 pots in the past couple of years. After you put this on, take your client outside and look at it in the sunlight. I swear it jumps off their nails! It’s as though it was 3D. Simply stunning! No other color I have in my 300 or so collection is this incredible. The other 5 were equally amazing. Rose gold was my second favorite.

These are considered hard gels and from what I understand, no base is needed. I haven’t tried that though. Since they are a hard gel they are perfect for clients that have a bit of a longer nail or a very thin nail because they will never crack. It’s also a bit tougher to soak off but I don’t care. IBD gel in pots are a superior product!

The softer brush in bottle line also has some amazing colors so I own a lot of those as well. A very nice consistency too so application is a breeze.


I LOVE LOVE these! The colors match the polishes and they go on beautifully. Not too thick, not too thin. Just perfect! The only complaint I have is that up until the brights that recently came out, they didn’t have enough colors but I think that is changing as we speak.

Now for the one gel brand that I must give a bad review.


By Jessica. This is a brand that has some great colors but there were 2 things wrong with this line. Actually more. The brand is so temperamental that no matter how thin I made the coats, the ALWAYS bubbled! And even when it didn’t bubble, it never cured! Maddening. And then there was a pink I used a few times till I realized it always faded. What a strange problem. Color fading?

Well, to be fair, I have since discovered that this is a problem with pink in general for some brands. I don’t know what ingredient makes it do that but some pinks, in some lines, are not stable so they will fade and discolor. They look really ugly then.

The last thing about Gelerations is that I called customer service to talk to someone about these issues and I was basically told they had never heard of such things and that someone would get back to me. Yeah, not so much. So now I will never use Gelerations gel again. It’s too bad, they have some great colors.

One other Gel- The hybrids that are now out- these are gels that are less permanent and can be taken of with acetone. I don’t like most of these because they just don’t last and crack. Some also go on really strange. That will be a review for another day.

These are a lot of the brands out there. There may be others I  have missed but these are the mainstream.

One last thing to know. I use Gelish base and top for EVERY brand of Gel. You do not have to get anything special. Find a base and top coat you like and you will be able to use it on all gel brands.

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