Gel Nail Polish

Here are the confessions of a

Gel Nail Polish addict.

Yes, it’s true.

But I really can’t help myself! Colors are so dreamy sometimes.

As an example, I went in to the local supply store today meaning only to get a base and a top coat for gels. We were running low.

I had NO idea a few short minutes later I would walk out with a ton of awesome Gel Nail Polish! There has been a sort of short supply of awesome colors in the past 6 to 8 months so I wasn’t really expecting anything to have changed.

Well, I was wrong….

It’s a double edged sword really. I want the latest colors just because- but mostly because my clients love new color choices. Plus, I always want to be on trend. But I am also going to one day run out of room to store all these bottles.

My obsession began one lovely day a few years ago when I saw a woman getting her hair done in the salon where I was working. She had on the most dreamy shade of Lilac, on her toes, I had ever seen. At that moment I became hooked. A year or so later, I saw CHANEL had a muddy green that I also fell in love with. Needless to say, I own hundreds of polishes in regular and Gel and every CHANEL collection they have come out with in the past 3 or so years.

So today, I went in and found color after color after color that I just had to have! And seriously, I sort of get this funny sensation in my stomach when a color is really incredible to me. This must be how an addict feels when he knows he’s about to score.

My haul included…..

Two Gels by Nobility Perfect Match. This is a great Gel with lots of sparkly colors and matching Nail Polish. I got Old New Borrowed Blue and Techno Pink Beat. The blue is not a shade I have and reminds me of Tiffany blue a little and the other is just sparkly awesomeness.

This same brand also makes these awesome MOOD Gel colors that are to die for! Really fun to wear. This one is Moonlit Eclipse. Grey to light grey. Beautiful.

Mood gel Nail polishThen I got a few new to me, colors by EzFlow. They had some pretty sparkle Gel so I thought I would try them. I apparently was into super sparkles today. Go figure. I’ll let you know, if you want, how those hold up.






OPI GELI got three new OPI Gels. These are AWESOME with names like My Favorite Ornament and All Sparkly and Gold! They are really unique! Not like anything I have seen in the past few years. Wondrous Star is silver with Black Specks in it. Divine! I can’t wait to see that on! Beautiful Fall and Christmas colors.





And last but not least…

China GlazeI bought a new China Glaze regular nail polish called This Is Tree-mendous. It’s also a dreamy holiday shade of green but sparkly! Yes! It’s true.

Well, maybe I will post the samples when I have them all done. Otherwise- Come In and get a Gel manicure! You will love it!

Till next time….

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