Manicures Revolutionized with the advent of Gel polish

Manicured Nails have been revolutionized by Gel Polish. Gone are the days of chipped nails, dull polish and wrecked manicures from getting into the car.

You no longer have to be careful or get a light polish color because it “won’t show chips.” Wasn’t that ever so sad?

I bet that OPI’s – Bubble Bath, took a sharp decline in sales when Gel came onto the scene as well as every other light color that we had to resort to.

I was just amazed when Gel first came out and wasn’t certain it was the way to go. I have always been concerned about nail damage especially since Acrylic nails were so hard on your natural nail bed. Plus the electric filing of the product certainly did not help. So I was a little skeptical.

I remember my supplier telling me about Gelish when I first heard about Gel. I was completely puzzled because I had been using builder gel for a couple of years so I couldn’t understand the difference between the two. But then I bought my first color and the rest is history. I have been a Gel convert since that first Gel  manicure.

Here at Beautiful Skin and Nails we have almost 300 colors from which to choose! It’s a little like a candy store, so many choices and so few nails.

We do many nail art designs all using gel and our clients just love it. It’s been an amazing 3 years with new colors coming out constantly. And recently all the Mood Gels came out! So incredibly fun!!

Gelish and IBD pots seem to be the favorites. Especially for anyone with naturally thin nails, IBD pot colors are amazing and stay on much better than other Gel. It’s also a harder product so there are no cracks at the end of 3 weeks when clients come in for their fills. See our reviews on yelp!

The Gel revolution continues and I sometimes wonder – What’s next?

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