Phoenix Eyelash Extensions – What to know.

No matter what I am watching on TV, someone has eyelash extensions. No matter where I go, someone has them. Lash extensions became popular a few years ago when they really took off.

Many things have been written about lash extensions. Some good, some not so good. Here are the facts.

The main things you will want to know are:

Pick a licensed aesthetician. In the state of Arizona, you must be licensed as an aesthetician in order to be able to apply eyelash extensions.

  • Find someone that has had specific lash training. Namely, have they taken classes in this art?
  • Look to see some prior work. Does this technician have a portfolio? Is there a client that she is willing to have you call?
  • If you have ever been allergic to glues, really any, then you will most likely have a reaction to eyelash extension glue. Have the tech do a patch test. If that is inconclusive, have them put on a few lashes and see how that goes. Better safe than sorry. It is a nightmare when you have an allergic reaction.
  • Eyelash extensions do not have to be costly to be beautiful. Here at Beautiful Skin and Nails we charge $99 for a full set. And $45 for fills. It’s no more than getting your nails done really.
  • Eyelash extensions fall out as you loose your own lashes. This is very individual. It’s something you would never even notice UNTIL you get lash extensions. It’s completely normal to loose a couple lashes here and there. Do not be alarmed!
  • It takes about an hour to an hour and a half to apply eyelash extensions.

If you do the above and don’t get in a hurry and do a little homework, you should not have any problems with your extensions.

They look extremely glamorous and there are so many options from which to choose:

Colored lashes- blue, brown, purple, yellow, green, just to name a few.These can be bright or deep. You can get a full set of one color or they can be sprinkled in with your black mink, silk or synthetics.

  • Lashes with a small, single swarovski crystal on it. Just put in one or two on the edges for a super glam look.
  • Lashes with glitter on the to third. In colors ranging from gold to silver to blue and more!

So you see, this art has become very fashionable and fun! Plus it never hurts to crawl out of bed in the morning looking glamorous and fabulous!

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