Skin care products are incredibly important.

The reason being is that you see me, your aesthetician, only once a month yet you take care of your skin hopefully, daily.

I use and sell a product line called Skin Script. It is a local company here in Arizona near Phoenix. I started using this line a few years ago. I love these skin care products for a few reasons:

  • It is incredibly effective! Skin Script has a Glycolic cleanser that is to die for! It gets your skin really clean and helps with exfoliation. Plus it lasts and lasts.
  • These skin care products are AFFORDABLE for everyone! I have always said that I want a skin care line that everyone can buy everyday and not just for a special occasion and then never be able to get it again. This is that product line.

Skin care productsLet me tell you a little bit about some of my favorite skin care products in this line.

As I said above, the Glycolic facial cleanser is everyone’s favorite. It helps with exfoliation, minimizes pore size over time and leaves your skin fresh and alive.

Cucumber toner is next. This is also an amazing little product because it won’t dry your skin like any other toner I have ever used. It also has hydrating properties. Oh and a little side note here, the reason you use a toner is this simple reason. Your cleanser has taken your ph out of the desired range, while it was doing its job and toner, when applied, brings that ph back to normal. THEN, your serums and moisturizers don’t have to battle that obstacle. Easy.

Then the Hydrating Serum. Serums help with specific conditions. Like dryness, age spots, large pores, hyperpigmentation and many more. Serums are concentrated so they penetrate deep into the skin in order to perform their little miracles. They are meant to go under moisturizers. I never go without this serum. Plus, you can put it all the way up to below your eye so it also acts like eye cream. It’s awesome!

Then one of the moisturizers. I sell more of the Hydrating moisturizer than anything else because it is perfect for overly dry skin which I see a lot of here in Arizona. You would use something lighter if you lived in a more humid climate.

And then Sunscreen of your choice. PCA has a few choices, all of which I think are great.

The only other bit of advice I would give you is… DO NOT OVER CLEANSE. I can’t stress this enough. We are stripping away our natural skin barrier by this practice. What on earth are we doing that we need to cleanse 6 times a day? Give your skin a little break. Cleanse once a day and then in the morning use just a bit of water and take it from the toner step and watch how much calmer your skin will be in a matter of a few days.

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