Skin Conditions – Ewww…. What is THAT??

It seems we’ve all had something on our skin, at one time or another, where we said  “Ewwww, what is THAT??”

Well, as distressing at this might seem at the moment, most of these conditions can be remedied fairly rapidly and with home remedies I might add. Try a home remedy and then if that doesn’t work, step it up.

Here are a few common conditions.

Rosacea- This is an interesting skin problem because it mimics acne in later stages! Therefore, my clients have treated it like they would treat acne which is the exact OPPOSITE of how you should care for Rosacea. Acne is an overproduction of oil. Whether that is from not supplying your skin with needed moisture, hormones or teen acne, the results are similar.

Rosacea on the other hand is a hereditary condition. It has many stages which are exacerbated by treating it like acne. Symptoms range from early stages, flushing brought on by spicy foods, embarrassment, and a number of other factors. If you get red from working out, chances are that is not the same as Rosacea. Later stages include “Orange Peel” like skin and pimples. Read more HERE about symptoms and treatments.

Treat this skin gently! Cleanse with mild cleanser initially and hydrate with serums and then moisturize. You can get gentle peels and get a great skin care regiment. You will be astounded at the results. My Rosacea clients have shown incredible improvement.

Psoriasis- This can look very alarming and freaks people out. But again, it can be treated and will go away. It is cause by an overproduction of skin cells. It forms scaly patches and skin gets cracked. When this condition first starts, try putting dandruff shampoo on the spots overnight. Then wash off and repeat in a couple of days if needed. The skin will be red but will then heal and go to normal in a day or two. I don’t quite know why it works but I have personal experience that it does for myself and others. This in no way should take the place of seeing a Dr. if you choose.

Excema- This skin may be cracked, crusted, flaky, itchy red and scaly. It’s not pretty but again can be easily treated. Cold and dry weather can bring this on and living in Arizona, I have seen this condition a lot.  The dandruff shampoo home remedy has worked on everyone that has used it.

Seborrheic Dermatitis- This includes itchy, flaky and peeling skin. It is very severe dandruff. Again, dandruff shampoo left on overnight has proven to be miraculous for some.

Don’t distress. Get an aesthetician you trust or have been referred to. Great skin care is a first step!

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