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Phoenix Day Spa

Welcome To Our Phoenix Day Spa

Let us Take care of you for a Little While

Start with an awesome facial where we take care of any skin condition you wish to address. From our most popular anti-aging collagen facial to acne care and caring for hyperpigmentation.

We also specialize in gorgeous Lash Extensions. There is no greater feeling than waking up with perfect eyelashes that look like they are camera ready from the second you get up. Your face is ready, now.

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Collagen Facials will amaze you!

Super affordable for DRAMATIC results!

Skin care these days is almost like magic. It’s really old world remedies amplified by science. We use the same acids that Cleopatra used when she took milk baths or used fruits to beautify her skin. I’m not sure if she knew that what was really happening was she was exfoliating her dead skin cells.

Why get Collagen Facials or Collagen Facial Masks?

As we age our cellular turnover slows way down. It can take up to 80+ days for a single cell to slough off and be replaced and that is why our skin starts to sag and look sallow and dull. Lifeless you could say. Youth is slowly….. learn more